Quintessentially happy

By Jane Bianchi

The happy Ferrante family — mom Jamie and dad Kevin with, from left (and in birth order), Alessia, Amanda, Emily, Matthew, and Ella.
Alessia, Amanda, Emily, Matthew, and Ella posed with the photo of the day they were born.

2008, when Jamie Ferrante was 31 years old and six weeks pregnant, she was worried that she was having a second miscarriage.

“But then my doctor told me, ‘This is quite the opposite. I see one, two, three, four heartbeats,’ ” says Jamie.

Five weeks later, another doctor discovered a fifth heartbeat.

Many women in Jamie’s shoes would have been a little frightened by the news, since caring for quintuplets certainly isn’t easy and because carrying multiple children has higher medical risks than carrying a single child, such as early labor and low birth weight. But Jamie wasn’t fazed.

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