SIUH Recognized as an Anticoagulation Center of Excellence

Staten Island, NY (4-3-14) — The Anticoagulation Center at Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) is pleased to announce that they have passed the Anticoagulation Forum's assessment test and may now consider themselves an "Anticoagulation Center of Excellence." This illustrates SIUH's strong commitment to providing the highest level of care to patients taking antithrombotic medications.

"We are very proud to be recognized as an Anticoagulation Center of Excellence by the Anticoagulation Forum," said Mike Coyne, RPh MS, associate executive director of Pharmacy Services at SIUH. "This illustrates our strong commitment to providing the highest level of care to patients taking antithrombotic medications."

The Anticoagulation Centers of Excellence program helps healthcare professionals provide the highest level of care and achieve the best possible outcomes for patients on antithrombotic medications. The program offers a roadmap to consistent, sustainable excellence in five key areas of patient care. Because it successfully met the rigorous standards in each patient care pillar, SIUH may be considered an Anticoagulation Center of Excellence for 2 years.

"The Anticoagulation Center at NSLIJ SIUH is dedicated to actively participating in all aspects of our patients' care, since working together with our patients is the best way to improve health outcomes," said Libiny John NP, Administrative Director of Anticoagulation Services/SIUH. "The assessment and educational resources from the Anticoagulation Forum helped us streamline our operational performance, improve transition of care and knowledge of drug therapy, and enhance patient education while learning more about disease state management. This recognition will have a lasting and profound effect on anticoagulation care for many years to come and we are proud to be considered an Anticoagulation Center of Excellence," explained John.

SIUH's Anticoagulation Service is located SIUH's North Campus on the first floor of 256C Mason Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10305.

The Anticoagulation Forum is a multidisciplinary non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of care for patients taking antithrombotic medications. The AC Forum promotes the clinical application of evidence-based practices, and provides education and networking opportunities for healthcare professionals. According to Dr. Alex Spyropoulos, Director Anticoagulation Services and Clinical Thrombosis/NSLIJ system "Centers of Excellence assessment provides a rigorous set of standards which are challenging for any service to attain and we are all proud of this achievement".

To learn more about the program, call 718-226-6231.

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