1st Quarter 2012 Service Excellence Award Winner

Hannah Turay-Selli, RN 4A

Hannah Turay-Selli considers nursing to be in her blood. As a little girl in Liberia, she fondly remembers her mother wearing the white uniform that to her symbolized purity and helping others.

Today, Hannah is a second-generation registered nurse at Staten Island University Hospital's Ocean Breeze campus. She's been a part of our SIUH family for 11 years – first, with 4B's Medical/Surgical Unit and for the last two years with 4A's Inpatient Rehab.

Hannah's dedication, compassion and professionalism as a rehab nurse inspired one of her patients – an elderly woman who was recovering from a fractured left hip – to write a letter to the hospital praising her.

In June, Hannah was one of 138 SIUH staff members who earned a Service Excellence Award. The award is given out quarterly to employees based on letters and emails sent to the hospital from patients and patients' families.

"They [patients] come to us ready to help them rebuild their lives and get back into society by doing things they used to do before, like putting their shoes on and tying their shoelaces," explained Hannah.

A married mother of four, who resides on the North Shore of Staten Island, Hannah began her nursing career in Liberia. When civil war broke out in her country in 1980, she immigrated to the United States.

Hannah received her associate degree in nursing from the College of Staten Island, and through the hospital, is pursuing her bachelor's degree at St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn.

"This is the only thing I know to do," said Hannah. "Make people feel good, feel better and get them home."

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