1st Quarter 2013 Service Excellence Award Winner (South)

Renee Fabisenski, PCA South Site

As a PCA, Renee Fabisenski has the chance to get to know all her patients in 4S at the South Site. One female patient in particular was so impressed with her compassion that she took the time to write about it to the hospital.

"To list all she has done for me while I was a patient here would be too time consuming," wrote the 70-year-old woman. "She actually took the time to delve into my pain."

And pain – both physical and mental – was something the woman was well acquainted with.

A Sandy survivor, she lost her home and possessions in the storm and was hospitalized during the December holidays with a severe upper respiratory infection. Adding to her distress, was a difficult relationship with a family member that was causing her anxiety.

Renee sat with the woman, listened to her concerns and discussed methods of dealing with her relative.

"She had a lot of issues going on and I think everything just came crashing down on her," explained Renee. "I've learned that half the time patients are not looking for you to give them answers, they just need somebody to listen to them. It gives them comfort."

In addition to being a good listener, Renee was also praised for bringing homemade cake to the woman and other patients in the unit during her New Year's Eve shift.

Renee is among 205 SIUH employees who earned a Service Excellence Award for the 1st quarter of 2013. The award is given to employees based on letters and emails sent to the hospital from patients and patients' families.

For Renee, a 10-year veteran of the hospital and mother of six, her position as a patient care assistant merges her hands-on care and empathetic skills.

"It's the most humbling job I've ever had," said Renee.

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