2nd Quarter 2012 Service Excellence Award Winner

Esther Connors, Employee Health Services Liaison

For more than five years, Esther Connors has been tending to the needs of a very special group of "patients" – our employees. As an Employee Health Services Liaison at the North Site, she explains to new hires what health screenings or vaccinations they need, meets with employees returning to work after an illness or disability and helps go over the medical paperwork of those retiring or leaving the hospital.

There is great pride to be had when she can wish employees well on their retirement after 25 to 30 years of service. "This speaks well for the hospital," said Esther.

In May, Esther's dedication to her job earned her the praise of Eileen Maurice, RN. She wrote a letter to Janet Mizialek, nurse manager for Employee Health Services, about her experience as a new employee coming in for a health screening. She stated, "I was treated so kindly, and thoroughly. Ms. Connors immediately identified herself and with a gentle, but professional manner explained everything she was doing."

That letter helped make Esther one of 153 SIUH employees who received a Service Excellence Award in September. The award is bestowed quarterly upon an employee based on positive feedback received in letters and emails sent by patients and patients' families.

A native of Chicago, she moved to San Diego at a young age and graduated from Southwestern College with an LPN certification. While in San Diego, Esther met her husband in church. At the time, he worked in Brooklyn as an ironworker, and had come for a visit with his brother.

After marrying, the couple relocated to Staten Island in 1991. Esther's husband went on to become a pastor for Horizon Christian Fellowship in Brooklyn, where she volunteers her time with Sunday school and Bible study for women.

Although Esther originally thought she would follow in the footsteps of her parents and become a missionary, she has no regrets about where her life has taken her. Of her current position at the hospital she said, "I know I am where I'm supposed to be."

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