2nd Quarter 2013 Service Excellence Award Winner

Bill Pagan, motor vehicle operator, Rehab Medicine

For Devi Kawalek, the four months she spent as a twice-a-week passenger aboard Bill Pagan's rehab van was like being on a camp bus.

So pleased with Bill's friendly and courteous service that she wrote to Anne Marie McDonough, AVP for Rehab Medicine, to praise him.

"Bill helps everyone getting on and off the bus, always with good humor and kindness," penned Mrs. Kawalek, who underwent physical therapy sessions at the North Site's outpatient rehab gym following a right hip replacement. "Bill knows everyone by name and makes the trip lighthearted and enjoyable."

Her letter, along with another from North Site rehab outpatient John Gannon, helped earn Bill a Service Excellence Award for the 2nd Quarter of 2013.

"He was always on time, cheerful and ready to do whatever was necessary for his passengers," wrote Mr. Gannon, who was a steady twice-a-week passenger on Bill's bus from January to May while he was rehabbing from a stroke.

Bill is one 190 employees to attain the award, which is given to employees based on letters and emails sent to the hospital from patients and patients' families.

And this isn't his first award. Bill now has six Service Excellence Awards under his belt, along with being named a finalist for the North Shore LI-J Health System's 2013 President's Award for Exceptional Patient Experience.

For Bill, who started his career at the hospital as a security officer in 2001 and became a motor vehicle operator for Rehab Medicine in 2007, customer service is second nature.

"I enjoy people," said Bill through a wide a toothy smile. "I love this job."

Over the course of transporting his passengers to their rehab sessions, he gets to know them on a personal level. "I can really feel their appreciation," he said.

When he's not driving, Bill can often be found tinkering with his '68 Chevy van that he's painstakingly trying to restore.

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