3rd Quarter 2012 Service Excellence Award Winner

Barbara Schierenbeck, Assistant Nurse Manager 4B

In her nearly 36 years as a registered nurse, Barbara Schierenbeck has worked with countless patients. But one in particular stands out in her mind. It was during the mid 1980s and she was working in the ER at the North Site.

"A lot of times people would drive up to the ER themselves. They would pull up to the back and beep the horn, so you knew something was up," recalled Barbara. She was right. The nurse was confronted with a hysterical mom and her teenage son who had stopped breathing due to asthma.

"We got him on a stretcher, ambued him, got him into PEDS and stabilized him … The kid actually woke up and the very first words out of his mouth, he looked me in the eye and said, "Thank you.'"

That same level of patient care characterizes her current role as assistant nurse manager for 4B at the North Site. Recently, the wife of one of her former patients wrote a letter to Karen Cary, patient care unit manager for 4B, praising Barbara.

The woman detailed how Barbara went above and beyond when her husband required clearance for an echocardiogram that needed to be done prior to surgery. Barbara was also instrumental in helping sort out the couple's' health needs at home.

"A big part of our job here is not just trouble shooting when the problem arises, but being proactive so an issue doesn't arise," explained Barbara. "That's healthcare in the future. You have to be on top of things."

In December, Barbara was one of 159 SIUH employees who earned a Service Excellence Award for the quarter covering July through September. The award is given to employees based on letters and emails sent to the hospital from patients and patients' families.

A native Staten Islander who now calls Park Slope home, she has been married for 27 years. Barbara is the proud mother of two sons, Alec, 26, a Truman and Mitchell scholar who attends Stanford Law School, and Wes, 21, an undergrad at Hunter College; and a daughter, Anna, 16, a junior at Brooklyn Tech High School.

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