Nephrology Fellowship - Rotations

Clinical Inpatient Rotations

  • Consultation Service:
    Interventional and consultative support (including CVVH) for patients in the intensive care units (MICU, SICU, CCU) and general internal medicine wards.
  • Hemodialysis Service:
    Care for patients on the chronic hemodialysis who are admitted to Staten Island University Hospital
  • Transplant Service:
    Transplant rotation performed at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital for three months as a second year fellow. 
  • Elective:
    Each fellow will have one month elective per year of their choice.

Outpatient Rotations 

The fellow will spend half day session weekly attending an outpatient clinic in which they will learn to manage patients with transplant, hypertension, CKD, and vascular access issues.

The fellow will also spend three months per year in the outpatient dialysis unit. They will be involved in patient care and be trained on multiple aspects of daily tasks of an outpatient dialysis unit.