Selection and Recruitment

Experience in all the major components of general surgery are provided on site. For experience in Transplantation, our residents rotate to the Transplantation Service at the New York University Medical Center in Manhattan.

Residents are selected through the National Resident Matching Program with emphasis placed on both academic credentials, ability to work in a team, and personal interviews. All appointments are for a five year period with advancement based on satisfactory completion of the prior year. In selected cases residents may elect for an additional year of research or fellowship, done either at Staten Island University Hospital or elsewhere, before completion of the five year program. 95% of our graduates have achieved certification by the American Board of Surgery.

In addition to the categorical residency positions we offer 3 positions for preliminary residents at the PGY1 level and 2 positions at the PGY2 level. These may be filled by either designated or non-designated preliminary residents, and are also selected through the National Resident Matching Program, using the same criteria as we use for the categorical positions. The clinical and operative experience is wide and extensive at all levels. Rotating team assignments at regular intervals assure an even surgical experience for all surgical residents. Residents cover the operating room, emergency department, outpatient clinics, surgical intensive care unit/recovery room, inpatient areas and trauma/burn services. During the five-year categorical general surgery program each surgical resident will perform over 1,000 cases under the general and direct supervision of the faculty. Our record of meeting and exceeding the defined category case requirements of the ACGME/RRC is excellent.

In accordance with the ACGME guidelines each resident maintains a case log and a duty-hours log, which is tabulated and analyzed monthly and reported annually.

Advanced technology is utilized in all areas including laparoscopic surgery, microsurgery, endovascular surgery, laser surgery, imaged guided surgery and other minimally invasive surgical procedures.

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