Psychiatry Residency Program - About Staten Island

Living in Staten Island

Across the harbor from the Big Apple is an island of adventure. The third largest borough in New York City, with a population of about 472,621 people, Staten Island is home to diverse neighborhoods, parks, natural areas, and cultural attractions.

From a day at the beach, to a night at the theatre, Staten Island has it all. We're home to great cultural attractions, a wild zoo, fun nightlife, and more than 170 parks. No wonder people say "If you haven't seen Staten Island, you haven't REALLY seen New York!"

Our patient population presents a wide range of cultural diversity. Twenty percent (20%) of Staten Island's residents are foreign-born; and 11% are not fluent in English (SIUH maintains a readily available live translation service for clinicians). Although predominantly middle-class, 10% of the Island's residents live below the Federal poverty line, and the Island's current unemployment rate stands at 9%. With respect to ethnicity, 68% are White, non-Hispanic; 15% Hispanic; 10% Black/African-American non-Hispanic; and 5% Asian-Pacific Islander non-Hispanic. Of the White, non-Hispanic population, 34% are of Italian ancestry; 14% Irish; and the remainder include some who identify themselves as having German, Polish, Russian or other European ancestry.

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