The graduating class of 2013

Class of 2015

David Krausz - Montefiore – Interventional Radiology
Ruby Lukse - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia – Pediatrics
Shrita Smith - Hospital for Special Surgery – MSK
Cyril Varghese- U. Penn – Body Imaging

Class of 2014

Avez Rizvi - Informatics - Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar
Conor Lowry - NYU - Cardiothoracic Imaging
Adam Bernheim - Harvard - Cardiothoracic Imaging
Oren Herman - Interventional Radiology

Class of 2016

Ryan Logan Webb

Texas Children's Hospital – Pediatric Radiology

Mike Coords


Steven Peti

Mount Sinai – Body MRI

Quan La

Stanford University – Pediatric Radiology

Class of 2013

Anusuya Mokashi

Duke -- MSK

Vinh Phan

Hospital for Special Surgery – MSK

Jatin Zaveri

Yale – Body Imaging

Daniel Klein

University of Southern California – Neuroradiology

Class of 2012

Jose Morey

U. Penn – MSK

June Koshy

Johns Hopkins – Pediatric Radiology

Cheryl Lin

Stony Brook – MSK

Dan Machleder

Montefiore – Interventional Radiology

Jason DiPoce

Columbia – Body Imaging

Class of 2011

Philip McDonald

Duke University – MSK Radiology

Janice Hwang

NYU – Neuroradiology

David Aria

USC - Peds/ Peds IR - Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Class of 2010

Joseph Platnick

Yale - Neuroradiology

Neil Lester

Harvard MGH - Pediatric Radiology

Jeremy Neuman

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital – Pediatric Radiology

Leonid Lempert

Columbia - MSK Radiology

Class of 2009

Omar John Arnuk

Beth Israel - Neuroradiology

Jade L’Heureux

Cornell - Interventional Radiology / Air Force

Joseph Friedman

Montefiore – Interventional Radiology

Jacob Gebrael

Emory Healthcare - Interventional Radiology

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