Program Introduction

General Information:

Residents are exposed to a comprehensive curriculum and rotate through all subspecialties of radiology. To prepare resident for the ABR core exam we have revamped our core curriculum to encompass all subspecialties within radiology in the first 36 months of residency. The fourth year serves as an elective year, or "mini-fellowship" year. The first-year resident schedule is focused on mastering the core curriculum necessary to prepare for independent call. A complete list of resident rotations can be found here.
Residents attend AIRP for one month. Research is strongly encouraged and there is no shortage of opportunities. Each resident is required to complete one research project prior to graduation. If a resident is presenting a poster or presentation at a conference, the department will pay for all expenses.


The Radiology Department is a full-service department. Our equipment includes:
- One GE 3 Tesla MRI, two 1.5 Tesla MRI and one 0.3 Tesla open MRI.
- Five CT scanners including a Toshiba 320-slice capable of advanced cardiac imaging, and three GE 64-slice scanners.
- GE Discovery PET/CT.
- Two state-of-the-art biplane interventional suites.
- 6 Nuclear medicine Gamma cameras.
- Multiple GE Logiq E9 ultrasound machines.
- 4 Fluoroscopy rooms, recently renovated with brand-new machines.
- Full-Field Digital Mammography with CAD, stereotactic biopsy room, and breast MRI with biopsy.
- GE PACS, IDX, and PowerScribe 360 dictation system on all workstations (IT department is headed by attending radiologist with IT fellowship training at MGH). Reports are searchable via Montage, a powerful research tool.

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