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As the health care environment becomes increasingly dependent upon information technology, health professionals need quick and easy access to health information to support patient care, education and research. The medical libraries contribute to the quality of patient care and play a central role in medical education by providing access to health information and improving information searching skills among health care professionals.

The mission of the SIUH Medical Library is to provide current, authoritative and easily accessible knowledge-based information in support of patient care, education, management decision-making and research needs of the medical and hospital staff. Now located at the Regina McGinn Education Center, the Medical Library resides in a new high-tech space, with room for research collaboration as well as for individual studies.

The library is equipped with computers, printers, scanners, photocopier and other peripheral devices available for patron use.

The library staff includes a professional medical librarian (Library Director), Library Coordinator and trained volunteers.

The SIUH Medical Library is a full member of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine and a part of the Northwell Health System Library Consortium.

Library access

The Medical Library is located at the Regina McGinn Education Center (RMC), 475 Seaview Avenue, 2nd Floor. Staffed library hours are Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm. Hospital staff members with hospital IDs may use the library during unstaffed hours by either using card reader access (for authorized users), or obtaining entry from a security guard or RMC manager.


The library is open to the following users:

• Attending physicians
• House Staff physicians
• Students in Staten Island University Hospital training programs

• Staten Island University Hospital employees
• Students or other members of the community by permission of the Medical Librarian
• Patients who receive approval from their attending physicians


The library maintains a collection of books, periodicals and media resources that cover all areas of medicine, including clinical and basic biomedical sciences, dentistry, podiatry, pharmacology, rehabilitation services, social work and nursing. All materials are constantly being selected and evaluated to meet the information needs of practicing health professionals and residency programs' curricula. As of 2008, the library gives priority to the acquisition of electronic resources. This will result in easier use, wider access and more timely updates.

The library collection currently includes over 600 e-journals and more than 700 e-books. The library also provides access to many electronic services and databases, such as UpToDate, PubMed, MD Consult, McGraw-Hill's AccessMedicine, AccessSurgery and AccessEmergencyMedicine, Cardiosource Plus, VisualDx, Cochrane Library, Stat!Ref, Mosby's Nursing Consult, CINAHL and others. All electronic resources are available through the medical library website located at the hospital Intranet and accessible from all workstations throughout Staten Island University Hospital.

The library website serves as a gateway to research and instructional materials and also functions as a primary location for information about the library's collections and services. Remote access to electronic resources is available for authorized users through EMIL (Electronic Medical Information Library) located on HealthPort - a web portal of Northwell Health System.


Library staff provide various services to medical residents, students and other patrons, including reference services, mediated literature searches and interlibrary loan service. The library also provides information literacy training for residents and other categories of users in the form of lectures, group classes and individual instructions.

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