Medical Student Program - General Information

Staten Island University Hospital has a student education program for medical students, which parallels to our Internal Medicine residency. Our student program runs in conjunction with SUNY Downstate to which we accommodate approximately 250 students yearly through various Internal Medicine rotations.

Visiting students are welcomed to apply for our fourth year elective rotations by submitting an application.

Application & Eligibility



SUBJECT: Prerequisites for Visiting Students from U.S. Medical Schools

Effective Date: July 2004

Supersedes: New

GENERAL STATEMENT AND PURPOSE: To establish prerequisites for U.S. Medical Students seeking enrollment at SIUH for a required or elective rotation.


  1. The student must have SIUH's Visiting Medical Student Application Form (attached) completed.
  2. The student's medical school must verify that the student has had appropriate HIPAA training.
  3. The student's medical school must verify the student's level of matriculation (i.e., MS-1, MS-2, etc.), which includes sending an official transcript and that the student is in good standing.
  4. The student's medical school must verify that the student possesses adequate malpractice/liability coverage and health insurance.
  5. The student must submit a passport-type photograph with his/her application.
  6. Once the above is reviewed by SIUH's Student Education Department, the student will be notified that his/her application was accepted or denied.
  7. Once the student has been accepted by SIUH, he/she will receive SIUH's Visiting Medical Student Health Assessment form (attached), which must be completely filled out by a licensed practitioner.
  8. Upon final approval of the Health Assessment Form, the student will be notified of the start date and time of the approved rotation.
  9. Upon arrival to SIUH, all visiting medical students must immediately report to the Student Education Office, located on the third floor (3B wing, room 28) in the main hospital building on 475 Seaview Avenue. In addition to the mandatory orientation, the student will also receive a copy of SIUH's policy on accepted medical student functions (see GME IX-5).
  10. If the student has any questions, they may call the Student Education Office at (718) 226-6527.


  1. Visiting Medical Student Application
  2. Visiting Medical Student Health Assessment Form

  3. Student notification letter

  4. Refer to GME policy IX-5