Research Division - Department of Medicine

Welcome message from the Clinical Director of Research, Mario R. Castellanos, MD:

The Department of Medicine Research Division is an influential force for education and an advocate for progress in clinical care. Our vision is to foster innovative thinking and encourage intrahospital collaborations. We create a supportive environment for all faculty, fellows, residents and students involved in research. Our work continues to be presented at local and national conferences. We have conducted several grant-funded research projects that have contributed to making our hospital a center of excellence. To date, SIUH has received over $1,420,000 in ECRIP funding, since 2005.

A significant new role that I have focused my research efforts is towards the development of biomedical research that develops tangible "Intellectual Property" with commercialization potential and partnerships with industry. Traditionally research done at SIUH has focused on conducting and publishing high level studies to support our Residency and Fellowship programs. In an effort to make SIUH a center of excellence I have worked to form a collaborative partnership with scientists at the College of Staten Island. Our group is called, "The Biomedical Laboratories for Integrative Cancer Research at SIUH-CSI". Over the past two years I have led this group to achieve important accomplishments:

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