Fellowship Program Director
James C. Lafferty, MD - Associate Director of Cardiology

Key Clinical Faculty
Soad Bekheit, MD - Director of Electrophysiology
Howard Levite, MD - Director of Cardiology
Foad Ghavami, MD
Marcin Kowalski, MD-Assistant Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology, Associate Director of Cardiology Fellowship Program
James Malpeso, MD - Director of Catheterization Lab
Donald A McCord, MD - Director of Nuclear Cardiology,Associate Director of Cardiology Fellowship Program
Yefim Olkovsky, MD
Charles Schwartz, MD - Director of Echocardiography
Stavros T. Snyder, MD-Associate Director of Cardiology Fellowship Program
Frank V. Tamburrino, MD- Associate Director of Cardiac Cath Lab

To find information about publications in this specialty, please search PubMed with the affiliation "Staten Island University Hospital."

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