Our research targets issues of disease management in older adults to enhance their independence and quality of life, as well as preserve dignity. As care for older adults is becoming increasingly more complex, we conduct research across a variety of disciplines. We encourage and foster interdisciplinary research collaborations in order to improve medical care of older adults in the community, long term care, and in the hospital setting. We have ongoing projects at multiple local skilled nursing facilities and rehabilitation centers.

We are expanding our collaborative project with the Department of Biology and the Center for Developmental Neurosciences and Developmental Disabilities at the City University of New York, College of Staten Island. As a joint effort with the Medical Women's Health Division, we currently conduct studies on cervical cancer screening methods. Specific research interests include utilization of computer technology and gaming systems in preservation of functional independence of older adults, sexuality in aging identification of fall risk factors and development of fall prevention programs.

Our study on association of vitamin D levels and acute heart failure in elderly hospitalized patients was awarded first prize to our 2010 fellowship graduate at the regional competition for original research by the Academy of Medicine of Richmond.

Fellowship Program Director
Donna Seminara, MD, FACP - Division Director

Key Clinical Faculty
Abir Abdo, MD
Larisa Malisova, DO, FACP
Anita Szerszen, DO, FACP - Director of Geriatric Research

To find information about publications in this specialty, please search PubMed with the affiliation "Staten Island University Hospital."

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